Using nutrition to bring you back into balance

Eliminating Sugar -Your Best Achievement in 2021!

Most of us set goals to achieve each new year, some lofty, some simple.  When you think about how goal setting can improve your overall health and wellness, in turn, improving your quality of life, simple is key!  Many of us also want to lose weight or improve nutrition in the new year, and cutting … Read more

The Stressful Life of Being a Modern Day Human – Using Nutritional Strategies to Support Your Health Part 2

Have you ever noticed when you are stressed or upset, you feel it in your gut?  It might be a feeling of nausea or anxiety, or it might be a feeling of having butterflies in your stomach.  A common sign that our central nervous system is reacting to stress, having an immediate effect on our … Read more

The Stressful Life of Being a Modern Day Human – Using Nutritional Strategies to Support Your Health!

We are all living in an element of heightened stress as modern humans.  Throwing 2020 and all of its uncertainty into the game compounds the effects of stress for all of us.  A big election year, a pandemic, social issues, public health issues, and social media create added pressure in all of our lives, that … Read more

To Fast Or Not To Fast? Exploring Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Eating Healthy Foods While Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) seems to be on everyone’s tongue today when talking about food and diet.  The common question being, how do you do it and is it healthy for you?  IF is simply timed eating followed by a period of not eating or drinking anything except water.  The goal is to upregulate your body’s … Read more

Fall – A Time for Seasonal Cleansing

Fall path with leaves

Hooray, autumn as arrived!  It is a time of slowing down from the pace of long days and outside play of summertime.  It is also a time to switch up eating and can be a great time to support your health with a fall cleanse.  Many cultures, particularly those that practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) … Read more

Wildfires and the effect on your health

Smoggy Sun

Have you ever wondered about environmental toxins and their effects on your body?  Have you ever experienced headaches or dizziness after being exposed to toxins like paint or cleaning products?  Having experienced the 2020 wildfires in Oregon, I can say environmental toxins are a public health concern and the struggle is indeed real.  Not only … Read more