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Tanya Bachman with vegetable tray

Welcome!  My name is Tanya Bachman and I specialize in nutrition and wellness.  I have created three online courses, each designed to fit your individual needs.  My approach is not to “diet” but rather to change lifestyle and create sustainable eating habits that fit your needs.  Each of my online courses includes learning about eating healthy foods, navigating meal prep, and time in the kitchen.  Nutrition is a key piece in restoring health and wellness.  You will learn to identify what you want to change, in turn, improving your health in many ways!  Food is meant to be enjoyed and is part of a healthy lifestyle for your body, mind, and soul.  Food is indeed medicine! 

Tanya Bachman with vegetable tray

Clean Eating 101

A great way to clean up your diet and improve your health! Step by step guidance along the way.

Love & Nourish Your Body Masterclass

A guided journey in nutrition knowledge and reflections, working to renew your spirit and overcome negative self-image. Begin your path to self-love and nourishment!

21 Day Detox Formula

A deep dive into healthy eating, using whole foods to detoxify your body. Feel your best and get those toxins out!


Your Guide to Healthy Eating on a Budget

Ever wonder if you can eat healthy without breaking the bank? Here is your guide to eating healthy while staying on a budget to support your health and wellness!

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Tanya is a wonderful resource for all things nutrition. She has helped me create resources for my physical therapy patients to enable them to actively improve their healing and has helped me to improve my own nutrition. Tanya goes beyond simple food guides and instead uses nutrition as a healing tool so that your body can thrive in an optimal environment. I highly recommend Tanya to my patients, friends and family!

Columbia River Nutrition I was pleased, 5-star rating, with the knowledge and results I received from working with Tanya. I considered myself well read and knowledgeable in the realm of diet and exercise so was very pleasantly surprised at how much I learned from sitting down and having one on one time with Tanya to chat about my diet and eating habits. I went in thinking I’m not too bad but a little tune up wouldn’t hurt and ended up feeling so very much better with new and improved life eating habits. Some people who specialize, can be over the top in their zeal for their focus. I especially like that Tanya does have that passion for helping people but she has a common sense attitude in her approach, meeting each person where they are at and understanding their capabilities. This makes her very easy to work with. Thank you Tanya for making me and the world a better place.

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Get your Guide to Healthy Eating on a Budget​

Ever wonder if you can eat healthy without breaking the bank? Here is your guide to eating healthy while staying on a budget to support your health and wellness!

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