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I am so excited you are here! Eating healthy is a journey of self-discovery that I can guide you along with my expertise. You are the expert on your body and together through these courses, I can help you find ways to eat more healthily and feel your best.  I hope you find a class that fits your needs and I look forward to coaching you towards a healthier lifestyle.  With years of nutrition experience with clients and in the classroom teaching at the University of Portland, I bring ideas and tools to help you on your journey today!  

Signature Programs & Services

Clean Eating 101 Course

Your Guide For A Lifelong Healthy Eating Habit!  A step by step, goal-oriented course designed to help you unlock how you can eat healthy with foods YOU enjoy!  Eating healthy does not mean you have to live on foods you dislike.  You will receive the course in both written and recorded video recording from me, teaching all about healthy eating, overcoming less healthy eating habits, and how to navigate shopping, meal preparation and your own tastes for great, healthy food!

Course Cost: $149.00

A Step By Step Master Program!  Have you ever wondered about what all the buzz is surrounding dietary cleanses and detoxes?  I can tell you, it’s a great way to kickstart weight loss, improve your mood and energy, discover foods you may not realize you react to, and give your gut a break from the chemical soup found in packaged and convenience foods.  This course is designed to enhance your body’s natural capability to detoxify itself and balance hormones, especially estrogen and insulin.  You will receive the course in both written and video recording from me to help you follow along in a step by step format as you give your liver a little love!

Course Cost: $199.00

21 Day Detox Course
Love & Nourish your Body Course

A Powerful Journey, Overcoming Negative Body Image & Returning to Self-Love!  This course is designed close to my heart.  Having lived with an eating disorder and a very unhealthy, distorted self-image, I want to share with you how I overcame this negativity and through nutrition healed my mind and body.  This is a personal journey designed to help anyone struggling with unhealthy eating patterns and negative self-image by looking at the effects of trauma and triggers on eating patterns.  It took me decades of living with disordered eating before I was able to understand my body’s need for nourishment and to embrace the idea that eating healthy food is a form of self-love.  Designed with compassion, understanding and the goal to help you embrace your own beauty, this program will be transformative.  You will receive the course in both written and video recording from me in a step by step format.

Course Cost: $249.00

Whether you want to clean up your diet, work on health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hormone imbalances, or do an elimination diet to support your gut health and overall health, we can work together to find foods that fit YOUR tastes, lifestyle, and goals.  Available via Zoom or in person.

Initial meeting and 2- week follow up appointment: $395.00
Follow up appointments: $75.00

One on One Nutrition Counseling

What makes me qualified to help you?

I haven’t always loved food and nutrition, in fact it has been my enemy for many years. I used to struggle with disordered eating that at times morphed into an eating disorder. It took me years to connect how I felt and even how I looked with what foods I was giving my body.

Through my studies at University of Western States where I earned my Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine in 2015, I learned how food can be not only our best ally in health, but can be part of any treatment plan to improve our health and wellness. I have worked with clients since 2015 to achieve their health and wellness goals, in addition to teaching full time at the University of Portland School of Nursing where I helped students realize the importance of nutrition in health.

Nutrition as a part of overall wellness is now my passion because I know first hand when we feel our best, we can give our best in life! When we give our best in life, we can make the world a better place.