Using nutrition to bring you back into balance

One on One Nutrition Counseling


If working one on one is ideal for your health goals and learning needs, you can sign up and set a time to meet. We can meet either in person or via Zoom. You will be asked to fill out an intake, looking at health history and current medications as well as identifying what your goals are. We will also look at your eating patterns to develop a personal nutrition plan for you! Consultation takes approximately 90 minutes total, with a follow up email containing an agreed upon nutrition plan . One follow up is included, taking 1 hour to fine tune your individual nutrition plan and health goals.

One on One nutrition counseling can be a safe place to work on your nutrition and improve your health.

Are you not sure where to begin your nutrition journey, worried that you may not like a defined “program”? – Working one on one can help you identify your goals and find an eating plan that works for you!

Has your medical care provider asked you to seek advice from a nutritionist to help you on your health journey? – Working one on one can fine tune your needs, looking at medical history (including medications) to find exactly what your body needs to thrive!

Worried about dieting and not sure what to eat to stay healthy? – A one on one nutrition consultation with a follow up appointment can help you decide what YOU want to incorporate into your eating plan! Let’s ditch the idea of “diet” and work together to find a healthy eating pattern that works for you!

Program outline

Initial meeting – approximately 90 minutes, followed up with an email detailing agreed upon nutritional recommendations. Follow up – approximately 3-4 weeks after initial consultation, taking 60 minutes to fine tune your individualized nutrition plan. Each session can be done in person or via Zoom.

Additional follow ups, as needed to review relevant medical information and your nutrition journey.

Program Cost & Time

Initial meeting and first follow up appointment: $295.00
Additional follow up appointments: $65.00

I was referred to Tanya to work on my diet because of my diabetes and high blood pressure. I do not like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and in all honesty, was eating a lot of packaged food. Tanya helped me understand how sugar in packaged foods contributes to inflammation in my body, affecting my diabetes and blood pressure. She helped me find foods I am willing to eat (I am a picky eater) that are healthy. I feel like I have a better handle on healthier eating now and am working to improve my meal prep in the kitchen! I am not eating out as often as I did before and my blood pressure numbers are looking better so I was able to reduce my medication after a little time eating better. Tanya was easy to work with and explained things to help me understand what my body is needing to feel better.

I decided to make an appointment with Tanya after struggling with my diet and weight most of my life. I was beginning to have arthritis pain in my knees which I knew was part of my eating habits and weight. I wanted to find a way to eat healthy and not feel like I was on a diet. I have dieted most of my life and always feel like I am either eating healthy or eating poorly. We worked together to figure out foods I like to eat that are healthy, and she helped me get started on weekend meal prepping to make the weekdays easier to manage. I started eating more fruits instead of sweets I normally love, as well as more nuts to keep me full. She helped me find other foods to eat besides packaged carbohydrates that are so easy to eat on the go. I am still working on my new eating habits, but am feeling more confident in what I need to eat to feel full and still lose weight slowly. Happy I met with her and appreciate her support!