Using nutrition to bring you back into balance

Love & Nourish Your Body Masterclass – A Powerful Journey In Overcoming Negative Body-Image & Returning to Self-Love


Have you been stuck in a negative body image cycle, in disordered eating patterns, or even struggled with an eating disorder?  Have you found that this leaves you feeling depressed, hopeless, and cycling endlessly through the pattern of thinking negatively about your body while eating poorly?  I know that disordered eating and eating disorders are common and not addressed frequently enough!  I struggled with disordered eating for decades, which at times “morphed” into an eating disorder, so I understand the complexity of this damaging cycle. 

This course guides you through a journey of self-discovery, beginning with a look at statistics and risk factors that contribute to these eating patterns and negative self-image.  You will learn and identify what your body needs from you and how you can support your body through healthy eating to improve how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Through reflections, positive affirmations, and nutrition knowledge, I will help guide you to a better understanding how nourishing your body as an act of self-love will support your wellness in mind, body and spirit.   

Are you stuck in a negative body image or do you have disordered eating patterns? – This program is designed to help you better understand how these patterns develop so that you can unlearn them and begin to nourish your body through healthy eating, reflections and affirmations.

Have you struggled with an eating disorder? – This program is designed to help you overcome the cycle of negative self-image and begin a journey towards self-love and self-nurturing through reflections, affirmations and a deeper understanding of what your body needs to support you for you to thrive!

Do negative eating patterns and negative body image leave you feeling down, depressed, and stuck in a destructive cycle? – You can begin to break this cycle as you learn how these patterns begin and identify ways to nurture yourself.  Guided reflections, affirmations and nutrition knowledge is taught to help you better understand how to create a friendship with your body.

Do you ever wonder how you can learn to love yourself enough to take care of your body? – You will follow a journey of self-discovery in this program, learning how to care for your body, mind and spirit.  A feeling of gratitude will come from your body as you being connecting to it and giving it what it needs to support you in your life!

Program outline

Program Cost & Time

Course costs $149.00 and can be completed at your own pace as you follow along the recorded video teachings.

While working with Tanya, I learned more about what my body needs to be healthy. Having struggled with not eating enough for several years, it was surprising to me to think about actually not counting calories each day! I had never though about how the body actually uses nutrients to do what it does. I feel better eating more frequently and not being bound by calorie counting or dieting. This program helped me see food in a different way, and my relationship with food is changing.