Using nutrition to bring you back into balance

Clean Eating 101: Your Guide for a Lifelong Healthy Eating


Have you struggled with dieting or eating healthy over the years?  Ever wondered how eating healthy can be done with grace and ease while satisfying your taste buds?  Want to feel better and even look better without being on a diet? 

Learn how to eat healthy and clean to support your body and feel your best!  In this course, you will be identifying what foods to avoid, what foods to add in, and how you can fine tune this to your specific likes so that you can enjoy healthy eating without losing flavor.  You will learn about the basics of meal prepping to save time and money while adding nourishment and flavor to your eating habits, making your kitchen your tool to achieving improved health! 

Do you struggle with what to eat? – This program will help you identify what YOU like to eat!

Is the idea of meal prepping each week daunting? – This program walks you through meal prepping to make it easy for eating healthy all week!

Have you gone on diets, hoping to make changes to your health and found you fall back into old habits? – This program teaching you how to eat healthy and clean, using foods you like while helping you establish new eating habits!

Do you think healthy eating has to be expensive and gourmet? – This program shows you how you can spend your dollars wisely at the grocery store and create simple, healthy meals!

Does eating clean make you think of eating only salads and feeling hungry and deprived? – This program teaches you how to use the foods you enjoy eating to begin creating healthy meals that keep you full and nourish your body!

Program outline

PDF downloads included with bonus templates for meal prepping and grocery shopping in addition to recipe cards. 

Program Cost & Time

Course costs $149.00 and can be completed at your own pace as you follow along the recorded video teachings.

Following Tanya’s clean eating plan, I was able to improve my health and feel so much better! My doctor recommended I see a nutritionist to help me lose weight and get off of my blood pressure medication. I had been on BP meds for over 15 years and recently my numbers were creeping up, requiring a second medication to manage it. Tanya helped me get off of sugar and refined carbohydrates while teaching me how to eat more whole foods. After 6 months I lost 45 pounds and was able to reduce my medication back to 1 only. After a year, my doctor was happy with my numbers and supported me going off the last BP med. Not only did my BP normalize, my energy levels are high and my arthritis has gone away. I now have a better understanding of the concept, “food is medicine”!

A couple winters ago my husband was diagnosed with a significant heart murmur and the doctor stressed he must improve his diet and reduce his weight. I was unsure how to present "diet" to him in a way he would accept it. I immediately called Tanya and asked for help. She responded with lists of various foods that would help his heart health, then gave me meal plans and recipes using these foods. He never knew he was "on a diet" as he was't. We both learned a whole new approach to food and better health. Tanya was there every step of the way encouraging, guiding and helping me. We could not have done it without this guidance given with such care and concern. His murmur is now barely noticeable. He lost a remarkable 65 pounds never feeling deprived, or hungry. We will forever be grateful for her knowledge and her support.

After having my kids, I was worried about getting back to my pre-pregnancy body. I was not eating enough and experiencing headaches and problems with my cycles. This was making it hard for me to enjoy my small children because I was so tired, mostly from being anemic. I followed Tanya’s clean eating program and while eating more food was a challenge, I began feeling better. After 2 months my cycles were more normal and my headaches were gone! I have more energy to play with my kids and am giving my family better nutrition eating the whole foods I learned more about in the program. Great for the whole family!