Using nutrition to bring you back into balance


Fall path with leaves

Fall – A Time for Seasonal Cleansing

Hooray, autumn as arrived!  It is a time of slowing down from the pace of long days and outside play of summertime.  It is also a time to switch up eating and can be a great time to support your health with a fall cleanse.  Many cultures, particularly those that practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Because an orange is not just an orange

Because an orange is not just an orange!

Have you ever wondered why foods like oranges are eaten during certain times of the year?  While crop and seasonal availability are key drivers, it is also part of supporting wellness during the winter months with cold and flu season thriving.  I recently read an article in a nutrition magazine and was bitterly disappointed that

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Smoggy Sun

Wildfires and the effect on your health

Have you ever wondered about environmental toxins and their effects on your body?  Have you ever experienced headaches or dizziness after being exposed to toxins like paint or cleaning products?  Having experienced the 2020 wildfires in Oregon, I can say environmental toxins are a public health concern and the struggle is indeed real.  Not only

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Curry Chicken Salad

Healthy Eating & Cooking 101

Do you ever think healthy eating is too expensive or too time intensive?  Or do you think you have to be a gourmet in the kitchen to eat healthy and have it taste good?  I know that LOTS of people I talk to think some of these things, which can interfere in their own health

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